Using Antiques in Everyday Life

Using Antique Furniture
Our team enjoying lunch on one of our antique tables for sale in our Airport West showroom.

Using Antiques vs Admiring Antiques

Are antiques to be used, or simply admired? That is the question!

It is a commonly held belief that antiques are fragile, delicate things and therefore difficult to use in a modern setting. While it is true of some antiques, it is not the case across the board. No matter the age, glass and porcelain, for example, are all fragile items, whether antique or not. Tables, chairs, and chests of drawers are less so. If you drop things, they tend to break, but using them is what they are designed for.

Let’s have a look at an antique item that has great application in a modern home: The table.

Two Approaches

There are two basic approaches to living with an antique table:

1) Love, Live and Let Live

Bear in mind that antiques have already survived over 100 years of day to day use. They were built to last, and built to fulfil a purpose. When you purchase an antique table it may already have 100 plus years of accumulated life and use visible on its surface. This is part of its inherent charm. So, if this is the case, you may decide that your table will survive you and your family just fine. You might be more than comfortable with allowing the marks of everyday living to add to its character, to be there for generations to come, adding to its collective history.

If that’s the case, then great! Use your table and live and let live!

2) Admire and Preserve

Perhaps your prefer to maintain the current level of patina that accompanies your table. If so, then you may be a little more circumspect in how you use it and maintain it. For example, you may be disciplined in your use of coasters and place mats to ensure any damage from usage is mitigated. You’ll keep the polish applied and the sheen at optimum. Awesome! That’s just fine too; It’s all up to you!

The bottom line is that an antique has had a life, and will continue to do so in your care. Enjoy and use it as you see fit. After all, its about how it fits into your lifestyle!

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