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French 19th Century Turned Leg Oak Farmhouse Table

Our Huge Range Of Dining Tables

Our extensive range of dining tables are sure to satisfy the needs of anybody looking for a unique and highly functional piece of history. We offer many different styles of table to suit your particular needs. Whether it be practical, beautiful, or rustic, we have you covered. Extension Tables French extension tables are truly one … Read more

Using Antique Furniture | Melbourne | Australia | Moonee Ponds Antiques

Using Antiques in Everyday Life

Our team enjoying lunch on one of our antique tables for sale in our Airport West showroom. Using Antiques vs Admiring Antiques Are antiques to be used, or simply admired? That is the question! It is a commonly held belief that antiques are fragile, delicate things and therefore difficult to use in a modern setting. … Read more

Art Deco Setting

What is Art Deco?

A style that lives on and continues to be very popular, Art Deco and its later influence is a design chameleon that has seamlessely blended into modern life. A lovely Art Deco setting in our Airport West showroom. Art Deco was not one singular style, but a collection of borrowed, and arguably conflicting styles. It … Read more

Rare Shelley Vase | Melbourne | Moonee Ponds Antiques

Rare Shelley Vase

Beautiful Rare Shelley Vase Apart form being a beautiful example of a Shelley vase, the history behind this rare piece is worthy of note. The Shelley name is known for beautiful, quality China pottery. The company operated from the early 1820’s until 1966.   The company used several backstamps over the years, as this excerpt … Read more

Antiques In Modern Settings | Buying Antiques | Moonee Ponds Antiques

Antiques In Modern Settings

Many people are reluctant to use antiques in modern settings. The term ‘antique’ often conjures up in the minds of people, images of something old, or outdated. While some antiques have fallen out of contemporary use, you can certainly repurpose many of them. The right antique can be a unique and beautiful piece of furniture, ready for modern day … Read more

Louis XV Style Commode

French Furniture Styles

This article takes a look at some of the French furniture styles from Baroque to Neoclassical. French furniture styles from Baroque to Neoclassical Louis XIV French Furniture Style (1661-1700) Louis XIV took the throne in 1661, and commissioned furnishings and decor to reflect glory, wealth, and power. You only need to look at his home; The Palace of … Read more

Dating Furniture using Dovetail Joints

Dating Furniture Using Dovetail Joints

Customers often ask us questions about dating furniture. One way to do this is from the dovetail joints used in its construction. More often than not the dovetails are age appropriate, and this article will explain what a dovetail is, and what to look for in a period piece to correctly date it. What is … Read more

mothers day antique gifts

Mothers Day Antique Gifts

Mothers Day At MPA! – Mothers Day Antique Gifts At Moonee Ponds Antiques we have a wide range of mothers day antique gifts, jewelry and trinkets that would be perfect for this Mother’s Day. What better way to show your love and appreciation for your mother than with unique gifts that stand the test of time … Read more

A Guide to Waxing Antique Furniture | Moonee Ponds Antiques

A Guide To Waxing Antique Furniture

Waxing Antique Furniture – Step By Step We are often asked about waxing antique furniture, and how to get the best results. We’ve put together this step by step guide to waxing antique furniture to help you keep your furniture looking great! Things you will need: A good quality furniture wax. We use and recommend … Read more

5 Quick Tips for Antique Furniture Care

Tips For Looking After Your Antique Furniture Antique Furniture Care: Looking after your antique furniture is easy with these 5 quick tips from Moonee Ponds Antiques, Melbourne. 1. Cleaning dirty surfaces To clean the surface of your wood furniture, just wet a cloth with water and squeeze it out until it’s just damp to the … Read more

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